Child’s Way Classes

Ratios:  Each class at Child’s Way is designed with fewer students per teacher than state standards – this gives each teacher more opportunity to focus on each child. Learn more about our teacher to student ratios.

Spanish Class:  Spanish class is taught weekly for the older 3 and 4-year-old class and the PreK class. Child’s Way offers this class as part of the curriculum at no extra charge.

Individual Class News:  Child’s Way offers five different classes for your children based on age.  Each month, Child’s Way  teachers create a fun-filled, action-packed educational agenda and curriculum and will keep you informed through the class news section.

Parents are encouraged to visit your child’s Class News link to see the listing of important announcements, happenings, and information that pertains specifically to your class.


Young Infants Class:                                                      Lesson Plan

Alina Keller
Blaze Robinson (Assistant teacher)

Infants Class:                                                                   Lesson Plan

Jenny Dennis

Older Infants Class:                                                      Lesson Plan                         

Gabby Galbreath

Toddlers Class:                                                              Lesson Plan 

Angela Hernandez

Two Year-Olds Class:                                                December Newsletter               Lesson Plan  

Terrie Wilson

Three & Four Year- Olds Class:                           December Newsletter         Lesson Plan  

Emily Pierce

Olivia Carter

Rebecca Galindo
Judy Haverlah

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