Hi everybody,

I wanted to say what an awesome month September was. I can’t believe it’s October. We did so many fun things in September. We focused on apples and there was so much to do with this topic that we decided to do it another week. The children enjoyed talking about how apples come in different shapes and sizes. During our activities we had an apple taste test. We made a graph of who enjoyed which types the most. We also painted with apples making apple trees out of our hands and arms.


In October we will be doing a lot of fall and Halloween activities.  We will start off October with Hispanic Heritage week. Ms. Emily will be introducing a lot of Spanish to the children. The end of the week we will be having a Hispanic Heritage pot luck. There will be a sign-up sheet Monday.


We will also be having a school pumpkin patch. Ms. Emily will be picking up pumpkins near her house for a $1 a piece. Please contribute if you can. We would also like to encourage the children to bring in a pumpkin – we are hoping for many different shapes and sizes.


From October 23rd to 27th we will be having our fall/Halloween festivities. We will have different activities this week including the 26th (costume parade) and the 27th (McDonalds lunch and school pumpkin patch) – the children will be painting pumpkins.



-Conferences: Dates to be announced soon with a sign-up sheet

-Need family pictures (from some families)

-Pizza Days: October 11th and 26th

-Ice Cream Days: October 17th and 30th


Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your child’s life. Two is such an important age for the children to establish trust and be safe and know they are important.


Ms. Terrie

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