About Our Child’s Way Program

Child’s Way has a nurturing and developmental approach to meeting the needs of young children. Our program provides integrated, planned activities, taking into consideration each child’s individual level and style of learning. Recognizing that children come to us with different levels of readiness, we provide experiences that encourage children to learn at their own rate and develop patterns of achievement and success. In our program, special care is taken to nurture each child’s view of him/herself as being a competent person and an important member of the class. Child’s Way offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Our flexible and balanced daily program provides opportunities for interesting, varied, and rich experiences. Large and small group activities on the playground, in the learning centers, and at mealtimes balance one-on-one attention. Unstructured free play aims at fostering spontaneity, creativity, and fun. The children share in the responsibility of daily living, learning self-help and care-taking routines, and social responsibility toward their fellow peers.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of our program is to provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment in which children can learn and play. Our program is based upon principles of growth and development that provide guidelines for age-appropriate activities suited to the needs of the individual child. By being involved in developmentally appropriate experiences, children are able to achieve a feeling of success, thus motivating themselves to explore the world in which they live. We believe that children of every culture can benefit from the opportunity to learn from one another. It is through working and playing in a setting in which each child is valued that children learn to appreciate different ideas, cultures, and people.

Our Goals

We strive to enrich the life of each and every child entrusted to our care. It is the goal of Child’s Way to provide a safe, healthy, loving and positive environment for children. We endeavor to supplement and reinforce a good home life by providing a warm, child-centered environment. Teachers design a wide variety of positive learning experiences, which further the emotional, social, cognitive, physical/motor, and language development of each child. Within this framework of nurturing the “whole child,” our program focuses on fostering a positive self-image, independence, and self-reliance. Child’s Way involves the family and community in its programs as we feel that offering children a variety of experiences best develops learning.

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